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Allstage Crawl Blog 1/4/2019

King's Limit

"The band moved around non-stop on-stage generating excitement in watching them and they played at a volume that was perfect – none of this starting at 7 and jacking it up from there. I don’t know how many times I have heard soundman curse because some idiot on stage has cranked his volume so much that the soundman can’t do his job and throws his hands up and goes out for a smoke – common sense.


These guys have some really good songs and you can tell they love playing together – lots of interaction onstage between the members and none of it seemed choreographed. I really loved Jake Boyack’s guitar sound – it was clean, crisp and his leads were tasty as hell and the rest of the band played well as a unit fully complimenting one another.


Mitch Chapman has a great vocal range, Kenzie Nelligan on bass and David Di Iorio on drums lock together perfectly and as the night wore on David took off his glasses and cut loose more behind the kit.


I talked with the band off stage and they were just a great group of guys, friendly and highly personable – just the type of people you want to see have success.


They may be from Waterloo, but I think you are going to see more and more of this band around town as the word spreads."

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 Ontario, Canada

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